CV Blackjack Version 5 Announcement

This is the tenth major upgrade since CVBJ came out in 1993. As always, an upgrade path is available. Please see the end of this page for upgrade pricing and demo downloads. If you are not familiar with the previous release, you should probably go to the CVBJ Main Page.


Below you will find a list of the major changes in V5:

Error Handling

New error screen - Optionally, when you make a playing error, a screen will pop up with detailed error information. From this screen, you can find additional information about the play in question more easily than in Version 4.

Cost of Errors - Not only are your errors caught, but the cost of the errors is estimated and tracked. This is done differently for Basic Strategy players and card counters as the current count is taken into account in the calculations. Errors are summed by type of decision and graphed in a mini-chart on the error pop-up separately for playing the game and Flashcard drills. The cost of errors is also kept by player hand and dealer upcard and can be displayed along with the number of errors and strategy tables.

Dealer Errors - An eighth dealer error type (failure to pay side bet) has been added. Failure to detect such errors is very expensive. Also, additional situations have been included for the other error types to increase the number and situations of dealer errors that you must catch. Dealer errors can be more expensive than playing errors and are an oft overlooked part of your overall win rate.

Dealer Error Screen and Costs - A new screen pops up when you make a dealer error with additional info and the cost of dealer errors are now estimated. A mini-chart of the total dealer errors by type is provided. Dealer and Player error summaries can be summarized together.

Error Logs - Error logs are kept and can be viewed for Flashcard drills and play. Columns can be sorted and rows can be selected in several manners. From the error log, you can click to view the specific error tables related to that error.


Custom Bonuses - It has been a losing battle keeping up with all the new rules and games by separately programming each one. Thus, the ability to create new side bets and bonuses has been rewritten to provide far more flexibility. The user can now create absurdly complex new side bets using standard Windows options.

Game library - A library of rules is now included to which the user can add new games. This also makes it easier to quickly update CV with new side bets. The library now includes: Over/Under 13, Double Exposure, Spanish 21, SuperFun 21, Royal Match, Bust Out, Lucky Ladies, Blackjack Switch, 21+3, Big Slick, Bonanza BJ, Dare any Pair, Field of Gold, High Tie Bonus, Lucky Lucky, Match the Dealer, Pair Square, Perfect Pairs, Super 7s, and Sweet 16. Many are new.

Specialty Strategies - The side bet strategies screens have been replaced with a new generalized side bet strategies screen. There exists far more flexibility and the ability to store strategies in a new library.


Table - The table graphics have been replaced with more realistic looking felt tables.

Chips - The chips have been replaced with nine new sets of realistic chip graphics. Chips are rotated in different directions for added realism.

Screen sizes - A seventh screen size is now supported. CV graphics are not stretched as in normal games. Instead, different sets of graphics are used for different screen sizes.

Discard Trays - 319 new discard tray images have been included for the game and drills. These provide substantially higher resolution and more styles.


Dynamic Stats Window - A separate, fully configurable statistics window with mini-graphs is provided for people with larger screens. This is particularly useful on the new wide screen monitors. You select which statistics to display and 0 to 4 charts can be displayed for bankroll, count and error tracking.


Flashcard error screen - Optionally, the new playing error screen will pop up when errors are made in the Flashcard drills. The clock will be paused so you can examine the error in more detail. Errors are also included in the error log and the number and cost of errors are summed and costs charted.

Progressive Speed Drills - All drills now include an option to automatically increase the speed each time you restart the drill during a session.

Discard Tray Drills Count Range - You can now set the range of counts that will be displayed in these drills to avoid wasting time on counts that are of little concern.

Hand value Drill - The 38th drill flashes hands and you enter the value of the hand (e.g. Soft17, Hard15.) This is harder than it sounds at high speed.

Side Count Drills - The Counting and Full Table drills now support testing of the new custom side bet strategies.

Random hands in Full Table Drills - You can now set these drills to randomly change the number of hands.


Bet Bar - A fifth method of betting is available. View-Bet Bar will bring up a bar with buttons for betting built from the current betting strategy. The bar can be horizontal, vertical or any rectangle and moved anywhere on or off of the table.

Bet by Half Count - You can now create a betting strategy that varies bets, number of hands and Wonging by half of a count. So, you can change your bet at a true count of 1.5.

CVCX Import - If you have the CVCX simulator/calculator, you can import an optimized betting strategy created by CVCX.

Excel Export - You can now export playing and error logs to Excel.

Printing Support - The printing subsystem has been replaced to support browsing of multi-page reports. Printing of strategy tables, error tables and cost of errors tables can now be done in one report.

Mini-Speeds control - You can pop-up a small set of speed controls to allow you to fine-tune speeds while the game is playing.

Manual - The manual has been expanded to 150 pages.


Discard Double - The Discard Double rule is now supported.

Dealer's Choice - With this option, rules, decks and penetration (and therefore strategy) randomly change to keep you on your toes. You set the set of games that you wish to practice. This function is available in both the game and the Flashcard drills.

Insurance - You can now set decimal Insurance indexes.

Et cetera - Numerous minor improvements.

If you are interested in the additions to the previous version, see the CVBJ V4 Announcement page for more info.

Demo Downloads


CVBJ price remains at $90. Upgrades from Version 4 are $35 and are delivered on a CD. Anyone purchasing prior to that all the way back to V1 in 1993 can purchase an upgrade for $45 that will include a new CD and manual. See the Orders Page for more info. Upgrades are at the end of the CV catalog.






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