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CVShuffle is a set of additions to Casino Vérité Blackjack in support of both shuffle tracking and Ace Sequencing (Ace Prediction) practice and analysis. CVShuffle is a separate product that requires CVBJ Version 5. A demo is included with CV Blackjack. Blackjack Shuffle tracking is an extension to card counting. But with Shuffle Tracking, not only do you count cards as they go by, but you also take note of the location of large numbers of large or small cards in the discard tray to determine or control their location in the next shoe. Not all shuffles are 'trackable.' CVShuffle includes aides to determine the 'trackability' of shuffles as well as practice aides and tools to help beginners understand the concepts. However, beginners will need additional instruction. Arnold Snyder's Shuffle Tracking Cookbook, George C's Shuffle Tracking for Beginners and David McDowell's Blackjack Ace Prediction are good sources.

"The best shuffle-mapping software, however, in my opinion, is Norm Wattenberger's CVShuffle." - Arnold Snyder

Shuffle tracking Features

  • Shuffle Editor - The shuffle editor is a VCR like interface used to describe shuffles to the program. It has VCR controls to forward and backward step through a shuffle and 3D animation support to play a shuffle. You describe the shuffle by actually performing it yourself with stacks of cards and the mouse. This ensures that your understanding of the shuffle matches the computer's understanding. It also allows you to follow the actual shuffle in practice.
  • Fine Tuner - The main page allows fine tuning of a shuffle. Adjustments to the exactness of each shuffle step can be made here. For example, for each riffle you can describe how many one, two, three and four card drops are made to simulate the skill of the dealer.
  • Shuffle Mapping - The Mapping tool provides many options to graphically display how the cards in the discard tray map into the next shoe. Resolution is down to the card so you can visually determine the exact movement of cards. A shuffle tracker can dynamically adjust the segment size to instantly see the effect and quickly narrow down on any weaknesses in the shuffle. You can also override the exactness of all shuffle steps to instantly see the effect of dealer sloppiness during the shuffle.
  • Cut Analysis - In addition to cutting the cards at the end of the shuffle, the Cut Analysis screen provides several options to graphically show the user the exact impact of the cut.
  • Create/Open - This screen supports maintenance of standard and user shuffles. You can also select two shuffles and the dealer will randomly chose between them. Shuffles can also be exported to other users.
  • The Shuffle - Much variability can be designed into a shuffle. The shuffler will attempt to automatically adjust to unusual circumstances and contains integrity checks to insure that invalid shoes are never created no matter how sloppy the dealer is programmed to shuffle.
  • Play Zone Count Adjustment - Shuffle tracking requires more than just knowing where to find the good cards. After you cut the cards, you can indicate that you want the count adjusted during the play zone. You specify the location of the play zone, the initial running count and the zone length for True Count calculations. CV will adjust its counting accordingly for betting, playing and statistics.
  • Practice - When shuffle tracking is turned on, during CV Blackjack practice the cards are shuffled according to the selected shuffle(s) instead of randomly. Nearly all of the hundreds of CVBJ features including different table formats, rules, environment options, statistics, graphics, charts, playing strategies, betting strategies, cover play and expert methods are supported. Cards are discarded to the discard tray by the methods selected and animation of the shoe, discard tray and card movement is supplied with photo-realistic views of the discard tray and shoe.
  • Pop Ups - During play, you can move the cursor to the Cards button on the bottom right of the control bar or to either side of the screen to view pop up displays of shoe and discard tray contents. You can see the segments and tens and or aces. By moving the cursor over the pop ups, the magnifier will appear showing exact ten and ace card locations.
  • Card Flow Animation - Discards are animated to aid the understanding of the flow of cards into the discard tray.
  • Drills - Drills to aid in Shuffle Tracking and Ace Sequencing are included.
  • Ace Sequencing learning and testing - Practice Ace Sequencing (AKA Ace Prediction) during play. Mark Aces and keycards to track the movement throught the discard tray, shuffle and cut and to test your skill at Ace Prediction.
  • Nicknames - Aids to help remember card nicknames for use in Ace Sequencing.
  • Analyze Shuffle - Run a shuffle thousands of times to see the effect on segment maps.
  • Analyze Ace Sequencing - Run a shuffle thousands of times to find areas ripe for Ace Prediction. This will quickly tell you if a shuffle is trackable or can be used in Ace Prediction.
  • Manual - A printed manual is included.

Note: Full Shuffle-Tracking Simulation is handled by the separate CVData/ST product.


Note: Putting screenshots on the web causes some blurring and color alteration.


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