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Sorry, this software has been discontinued.

Casino Vérité Pai Gow Poker features are outlined on this page. You can also link to a page describing Pai Gow Poker strategies. The card below is a card from CV PGP running in 1024x768 mode.

  • Rule Variations - CV can simulate Vegas or California rules as played in nearly any casino.
  • Strategies - Multiple Pai Gow Poker strategies are provided, including Stanford Wong's strategy with his authorization. This is the only software using Wong's Pai Gow Poker strategies.
  • Player Banking - Player Banking is supported with detailed chip animation to show the path of payoffs and commissions.
  • Statistics - Numerous playing statistics are provided. In addition, CV will display the percentage of all possible hands that are better than your current hand setting.
  • Graphs - Five graphs are included to display your progress over time.
  • Tournament play - Comprehensive Pai Gow Poker tournament play is supported. Here, you play against the other players, not against the dealer. You can program computer players' Risk level, Agression, Betting mode and Playing skill. Numerous tournament customization parameters are provided.
  • Multi-Player Capability - Up to three humans can play at once in tournament mode.
  • Drills - Drills are included to improve strategy accuracy.
  • Window sizes - Two window sizes are supported: 640x480 & 1024x768. Graphics are NOT stretched, but are generated at different resolutions with gray scales for extremely high resolution.
  • Player File - Multiple users can be registered. Parameter, option and status settings are saved for each player. Separate logs are also kept by user and session.
  • Help - In addition to on-line Help, CV uses Help ‘Balloons’ to guide you through the myriad features.

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