The RPC-Lite (Revere Point Count) Strategy

The Revere Point Count Blackjack Strategy is contained in the book Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere. However, it does not contain indexes for multiple-decks. This is too bad since it is one of the most powerful multi-deck card counting strategies. I created a set of compromise indexes for RPC designed for multi-deck but that can be used for any number of decks.

This is a Lite strategy. That is, it is designed for ease of use and not as powerful as a full strategy. The strategy only has eleven multi-deck indexes plus four Surrender indexes and only two index values (0 and 6.) You can use a strategy like this to start and then use better indexes later when you gain more experience.

Revere Point Count Lite Tags

Cards: Ace through Ten: -2 +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +1 0 0 -2

True Count Calculation: divide by full decks. (Note: The original Revere Point Count calls for half-decks.)

RPC Index values

There are two groups of indexes:
  • Group 1
    • Hit/Stand 16v10
    • Double Down 9v2
    • Hit/Stand 13v2
    • Hit/Stand 13v3 (Hand-held games only)
    • Hit/Stand 12v4 (Hand-held games only)
    • Hit/Stand 12v5 (Hand-held games only)
    • Hit/Stand 12v6 (Hand-held games only)
    • Surrender 15vA
    • Surrender 15v10
  • Group 2
    • Hit/Stand 15v10
    • Hit/Stand 12v2
    • Hit/Stand 12v3
    • Double Down 11vAce
    • Double Down 9v7
    • Double Down 8v5
    • Double Down 8v6
    • Surrender 15v9
    • Surrender 14v10

Group 1 index value is always 0. Group 2 index value is +6.

Insurance is +3 for single deck and +6 for multi-deck.

Note: Four indexes in Group 1 (13v3, 12v4, 12v5 and 12v6) are only used in single and double deck games.


To measure performace I compared RPC-Lite with 11 indexes and the Fab 4 Surrender indexes to HiLo with the Illustrious 18 & Fab 4 indexes with the following results for varying spreads:

  • At Six decks, 75% penetration, S17, DAS, LS: 6.8%-7.1% improvement over HiLo
  • At Six decks, 75% penetration, S17, DAS: 6.6%-7.4% improvement over HiLo
  • At Six decks, 67% penetration, S17, DAS, LS: 9.6%-11% improvement over HiLo
  • At Six decks, 67% penetration, S17, DAS: 9.3%-10.7% improvement over HiLo

Performance at single deck is about the same as HiLo.

Clearly adding uncompromised indexes later can improve results.

Indexes were generated with the CVData Blackjack Simulator.






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