CVIndex Blackjack Index Generator

CVIndex is the CV index generator and a part of CVData.

CVIndex Unique Features

  • In one run, multi-rule strategy files can be generated and used by CVData, CVCX & CVBJ. That is, strategy tables that include variations for decks, S17, DAS and ENHC rules. Such a strategy file can be used by CVBJ to handle all such rules for practice and drills or by CVCX to create 3,000 sims covering all combinations of these rules, decks and reasonable penetrations - all in one CVCX run. The point is to avoid the laborious efforts in running individual generations and sims - instead fully analyzing a game and placing all the results in one file for future quick reference. (Not available for RA indexes.)
  • Risk-averse index generation does not require that you fill in a table of standard deviations and advantages for each true count reducing effort and errors while assuring accuracy for every minor change.
  • Auto-sim runs a sim after index generation without human intervention allowing quick examination of various scenarios.
  • You can automatically generate iterative risk-averse indexes (iRA indexes.) By simply clicking on the Multi-Pass option, a four step process is performed. First, a pre-sim is executed to determine the advantage and standard deviation numbers needed for RA generation. Second, indexes are generated using the first step's output. Next a second sim is executed using the newly generated index numbers. And fourth, a second index generation is performed using the revised standard deviation and advantage numbers to create more accurate risk-averse indexes. If Auto-sim is selected, a fifth step is added. All five steps take place without any human intervention.
  • For greater accuracy, all index generation removes the dealer and player cards.
  • For greater accuracy, Halves is supported without doubling the counts. Doubling can introduce error.
  • For greater accuracy, player 16 Surrender indexes can be generated including or excluding a player hand of two eights.
  • For greater accuracy, resplits, normally ignored by index generators, are supported.
  • Up to 17 composition-dependent indexes can be batched together as opposed to running them one at a time.
  • Composition-dependent indexes can consist of up to five player cards instead of two.
  • True Count calculation can include different deck estimate resolution by area of the shoe.
  • Hit/Stand Composition-dependent indexes can be generated for custom rules defined by the user.
  • CVIndex can also be used to generate strategies for hole-carding, next-carding and multi-parameter counts.

For full information on CVData, see the CVData Page.


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