CVData/CVCX Blackjack Simulation Quick Comparison

This is a very brief comparison between the two CV Blackjack Simulators. For more info, see the CVData and CVCX pages. For card counting practice and drills, see CV Blackjack Game.

CVCX Blackjack Simulator

CVCX is generally used for quick game & strategy comparison, risk and bankroll calculation and optimal betting strategy formulation for card counting systems. It contains 150,000 2,000,000,000 round canned Blackjack sims and allows very simple switching between sims to see the differences. As you change number of decks, penetrations by the cards, bankroll, risk and rules, the optimal bets, win rates, risk and SCOREs are instantly calculated and displayed. There is no Calculate button. The results change as you change the options. A simulator is also included. In a normal BJ simulator you specify rules, penetration, decks and betting and run one sim. The CVCX simulator is unique in that it can perform thousands of Blackjack simulatins at once. Different combinations of rules, penetrations and decks are run for one strategy allowing you to change the settings after the sim. A dozen calculators are also included.

CVData Blackjack Simulator

CVData is very different. It is an in-depth Blackjack simulator. Instead of one page of stats, it can generate 250 pages. Instead of simple optimal betting ramps, it can handle absurdly complex cover betting. Data handling features allow charting and manipulation of the output. For example, you can closely examine the differences between sims. More complex card counting simulation situations can be simmed including player and dealer errors, multiple players using different strategies, counting by inference, multi-parameter tables, peeking at other players' cards, variable numbers of players or rounds, more complex TC calculation, more rules, Insurance side counts, betting side counts, different strategies at different depths, custom side bates and bonuses, programmable real shuffles, team play, heat, hole-carding, partial hole-carding, next-carding, partial next-carding, Spanish 21, rebates, etc. Card counting index generation is also supported including generation of indices for Spanish 21, hole-carding, and next-carding.


If you have licenses for both, CVCX can also support some of the additional rules in CVData.






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