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Here you will find Blackjack training DVDs created by members of MIT Blackjack teams. For historical DVDs and VHS tapes, go to MIT Blackjack Team & Las Vegas Tapes & DVDs. For Blackjack Software, see Blackjack Software Summary.




60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack by the MIT students who 'Brought Down the House'

  • Blackjack card counting Training DVD created by the MIT Students featured in the book 'Bringing Down The House'
  • Host is Former MIT Student Mike Aponte, The 2004 World Series of Blackjack Champion

Dukach, Semyon Blackjack Science Counting and Betting Techniques with Semyon Dukach (The first DVD from Semyon Dukach using live footage from the BlackjackScience card counting seminar. Semyon was an MIT Blackjack team leader.)

Dukach, Semyon Blackjack Science: Advanced Techniques (The second, and substantially more expensive DVD from Blackjack Science contains information on advanced techniques: Cut Cards, Ace Sequencing, Shuffle Tracking as they were used by Semyon's Amphibian Investments MIT blackjack team. )






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