Blackjack Insurance and Surrender Rules

  • Insurance - This nearly universal rule allows an insurance bet against a dealer face up Ace. Note: Not allowed with Double Exposure.
  • Insure Blackjack only - Some casinos in Europe, in particular England, allow insurance bets only when the player has a Blackjack. This is not really Insurance but Even Money.
  • Insurance for full amount - This unusual Blackjack rule allows an Insurance bet equal to the value of the original bet. It is a good bet for card counters.
  • Insure against Ten - Here you bet the dealer has a Ten in the hole.
  • Late Surrender - The common form of Surrender. The player can Surrender a hand (throw it in) for half of the bet after the dealer has checked for Blackjack. If the dealer is not allowed to peek and does not know if there is a dealer Blackjack then the Surrender occurs only after the dealer checks for Blackjack and finds that it does not exist.
  • Early Surrender - This less and less available rule allows Surrender of a hand before the dealer checks for Blackjack. If you can find a casino that allows it, this is one of the most valuable options in the game. Advantage is about .6-.7. It can be found in Africa, some places in Eastern Europe and most recently in a few French casinos.
  • Early Surrender vs. 10 - Allows a surrender if the dealer has a ten-up Blackjack. Only available with no dealer hole card.
  • Macao Surrender - This, currently obsolete, rule allows Surrender of an unbusted hand with five cards.`
  • Surrender any number of cards - With this rule, the player can surrender a hand after any number of draws.
  • Surrender after Double - A new rule that allows a Surrender even after you have doubled down. Also called Double Down Rescue.
  • Insure then Surrender allowed - In some situations, you may want to insure a hand and then Surrender the same hand. In a casino, this can cause some interesting conversations with the dealer or pit boss. Casinos will often argue that a hand that has been insured cannot be surrendered because it no longer exists. You might argue that Insurance is purely a side bet.
  • Surender after Split - As it says, this Blackjack rules allows a Surrender even after Splitting hands. You can still play the second hand.

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