Blackjack Split Rules

  • Resplit - This very common rule allows splitting pairs in one hand, usually, up to three times. As a result, up to four hands can be created from one. Some casinos only allow one Split and a few allow six or infinite Splits.
  • Resplit Aces - Adding this rule allows resplitting of a pair of Aces. This rule is fairly rare. Advantage is 0-.1. In shoe games this rule is quite valuable for card counters and is often seen with Late Surender games.
  • Multiple draw after split Aces - Most casinos will only allow one card drawn to each split hand after splitting Aces. A few allow additional draws. Advantage is about .1.
  • Split tens must be same value - In most casinos, Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings all count as ten and can be considered the same for splitting rules. In other words, you can split a Jack and a King. A few casinos demand that the cards be exact pairs.
  • No Ace Splits - Some casinos do not allow a split of Aces. This Blackjack rule is fairly rare and should be avoided.
  • Split any time - This allows you to Split a hand after drawing additional cards as long as you have two cards of the same value touching each other. For example, draw 10,2,2 and you can Split the Deuces.
  • Split any 16 - Such as A5, 97, T6. Great rule as it gets rid of the worst hand.
  • Discard Split - Very good but not common rule that allows you to throw away one of your hands after a Split. This requires two strategies. The first strategy specifies when you will Split. The second specifies when you will throw out the Split hand.
  • No 4, 5 or Ten Splits. - UK Rule.

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