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When ordering products on this site information must be collected. The information is handled as follows:

Credit Card Number

Credit card numbers and expiration dates are encrypted and collected via PayPal or Verisign secured servers. The card number never passes through the QFIT server. The numbers are stored by PayPal or Verisign for fraud control and refunds. QFIT can only see the last four digits of the number. If you order by phone then we take your credit card number and type it into a Verisign screen. It is then discarded.

Name and Address

Names and addresses are also encrypted and collected by PayPal or Verisign secured servers. QFIT retrieves these addresses to mail products. They are also stored in a password protected, offline database at QFIT that cannot be accessed from the web to verify upgrade requests. No SPAM is mailed. Names and address lists are not sold as many Blackjack card counters do not want their names and addresses public. Do not ask to purchase a mailing list.

E-mail addresses

E-mail addresses may also obtained in the same manner as names and addresses during order processing in order to contact a user with any order problems; such as an invalid address. However, they are not stored in a database. And providing an e-mail address is optional. Under no circumstances will QFIT resort to the immoral practice of SPAMMING. SPAMMERS belong in prison.

E-mail addresses can also be added to our mailing list. This is a double opt-in process. (A real double opt-in process not the fake ones claimed by spammers.) That is, you must request to be added. Then a verification e-mail will be sent and you must respond to that verification e-mail to be added to prevent people using the mailing list to bother other people.

Telephone Numbers

Telephone numbers are not collected. If you are bothered by telemarketers, there is a federal do not call list. It is a crime for most commercial organizations to make unsolicited sales calls to people on that list.

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