CV Blackjack Betting Strategies

Betting in both the Casino Verite Blackjack practice software and CVData Blackjack simulation software can involve many layers and dimensions as follows:

Simple betting - This method allows specification of units and hands played by true count only and is included for people that don't want to deal with the more complex screens. It is the method found in other Blackjack software.

Basic Betting - Here you can create a library of Blackjack betting strategies. Units and hands per TC are allowed as above. But wonging is added and the more common types of cover can optionally be added - no increase after loss, no decrease after win, no change after push, no large increases or decreases.This is simple cover or camouflage betting

Advanced Betting - Here, betting depends on a three dimensional table. The bet for the current hand depends on the true count, the previous bet and whether or not you won previous hand. This allows more sophisticated cover.

Last Hand Status - This is an extension that allows you to add complexity to the status of the previous hand with a fourth dimension. A two dimensional table is set up for last hand status depending on whether the count is high or low and the last hand was a Blackjack, Insurance, Split, Double, Push, or normal. This allows compromises to cover like 'if I lost the last hand, and the count is high, I will be allowed to increase the bet (within constraints of the 3D table) if the previous hand was a split or DD.' This is something that a typical gambler might do and is an exception to normal cover.

Multiple Betting Strategies - This feature allows you to string together multiple Basic or Advanced strategies adding yet another dimension. Each strategy is assigned a section of the shoe. Thus, you can alter your betting strategy by current penetration.

Bankroll Based Strategies - This CVData feature allows you to string together multiple Basic or Advanced strategies with a different dimension. Each strategy is called into play depending on the current bankroll.

Insurance Cover - You can also set individual indexes for each hand total for Insurance bets. That is, you can set different indexes for BJ, 20, and 16 against an Ace.

Betting Errors - After all of the above is taken into account, CVData can also be set to generate errors at a specified rate to simulate the damage caused by betting errors.

Of course you can ignore all the complexity and just use simple betting. But, ridiculously complex cover can be supported. Also, the same strategies can be used for both practice in CVBJ and simulation in CVData assuring that you are practicing the same strategies that you have simmed. Note: CVData runs just as quickly using all of the above methods at once as it does with Simple Betting.

Note: Blackjack Betting Strategies that do not take into account past seen cards do not work.


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