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Every now and then one comes across a product that is so superior to anything else available as to defy description. Casino Verite is such a product.

This is, quite simply, the most sophisticated, visually stunning, and feature-laden blackjack practice program suite available at any price. Nothing else even comes remotely close. Using it, anyone with a computer can closely mimic any playing conditions that my be found at just about any casino anywhere.

Calling it a practice program doesn't do it justice. It is indeed that, but it includes a great deal more. There is a package of drill programs, several calculators, and a testing program that allows the user to evaluate his/her skills. It does not include a simulator, although Qfit offers a couple of excellent simulator products that may be purchased separately (these will be reviewed at a later date).

Complete Toolkit

Casino Verite is a complete set of tools for the card counter which will allow him/her to practice counting cards, record the results of practice sessions, determine weaknesses and areas where improvement is desired, run drills specifically aimed at those areas, and learn and practice refinements such as side counts, cover strategies, and much more.

It grows with the user. Beginners can use it to master the basics of card counting. Intermediate counters can use it to zero in on specific areas of weakness and correct them, as well as increasing speed and accuracy. Pros will find it invaluable for practicing cover strategies, adding side counts, etc. Tournament players will find a sophisticated and detailed tournament mode, allowing for development and refinement of those skills unique to tournaments.

Trying to compare Casino Verite to other practice programs on the market is similar to comparing a stripped Honda Civic to a fully loaded top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz. The Civic may be a good little car, and both may reliably get one from point A to point B, but there the resemblence ends.

Stunning Graphics

So what makes this product so awesome? Let's start with the graphics. The typical practice program uses a birds-eye view of the table, as if one were suspended directly above the table. Casino Verite uses 3D photo-realistic graphics to provide an ultra-real image, with the perspective just as if one is seated in front of a blackjack table, complete with a photo-realistic fully functional shoe and discard tray. A variety of screen resolutions are available, all the way up to 1280 x 1024. The larger screens are generated at higher resolutions, not stretched, so the image is just as sharp and clear as in the smaller screen sizes. One may play from the center or either end of the table. These graphics simply must be seen to be appreciated.

However, the graphics are only the beginning. There is much, much more. In fact, there are over 500 options.

There are over 100 rule variations alone. The software can be set to mimic just about any game found in any casino anywhere. SuperFun 21, Spanish 21, Double Exposure, Royal Match sidebet - no problem. Want to duplicate the game found at a specific casino? There is a searchable database of over 700 casinos worldwide, with game conditions for all of them. It even includes maps showing the casinos locations.

TrackJack Compatibility

TrackJack subscribers have it even better. Casino Verite 3.0 can access the TrackJack database and import conditions for any game in the database (TrackJack login and password required).

In the extremely unlikely event one should come across a rule variation not listed, it is possible to create new rule variations without being a programmer.

All Counting Systems Supported

All of the common counting systems are pre-loaded in database. Due to some licensing problems, the KO system was not included in earlier versions. Version 3.0 includes the "OK" system, which is KO with a slightly different index matrix. Most users will not notice the difference between matrices, or may even prefer the "OK" version (it is slightly simpler and just as powerful). If one must have the exact KO matrix, it only takes a few mouseclicks to change it. In fact, up to 10 custom systems may be created. Multi-level counts and side counts are supported.

The Hi-Opt II counting system is now included.

Both simple and complex betting schemes may be entered. Cover betting schemes may be incorporated.

Game play may be controlled by a variety of methods. Cursor motions similar to actual play may be used - a scratching motion for a hit, side-to-side motion to stand, etc. - or a panel of buttons may be clicked. Alternatively, all play can be controlled from the keyboard.

Popup menus allow one to check the count (both running and true) between rounds, if desired, along with several other parameters . The program may be set to alert the player any time a playing or betting error is made. In fact, just about any aspect of the program may be customized by the user.

The game is fully animated. The cards do not simply appear, they move in a realistic manner. All speeds - dealing, payouts, other players - are fully adjustable. It is even possible to set the speeds to vary, just like in a real game. Cards may be dealt face-up or face down. As the game is played, the shoe is depleted and the discard tray fills in a realistic manner, so that deck estimation may be practiced.

Just about every vagary one might find in an actual casino can be simulated if desired. Players can jump in and out of the game. It can be set so that dealers make up to four different types of errors. Penetration levels can be made to vary from one deck to the next.

Bottom line: I cannot imagine how it would be possible to provide a more realistic simulation of actual casino play on a computer. About the only thing it won't do is take your money or back you off.

Details of all practice sessions are recorded in great detail. Naturally wins and losses are tracked, as well as errors made, hands played, and much more. Results may be displayed in a variety of charts and formats.

As mentioned above, there are over 500 options. This could prove intimidating, but fortunately the package is exceptionally user-friendly. Installation is a snap - the disk is inserted and usually auto-detected, and the installation starts automatically. A few mouseclicks, and it is over.

User Friendly

The first time the program is run, the user is introduced to "Cassie," an animated talking assistant who guides the user through basic setup and operation. Microsoft should take note here - unlike the "Clippy" character in Office, Cassie is not annoying and actually somewhat sexy - sort of a butch Lara Croft. I think I'm falling in love. Cassie can be turned off if desired.

In addition to Cassie, there are an abundance of popup balloons and 130 pages of online help.

Also included is something that, sadly, is becoming an endangered species these days - a real 120 page paper and ink operators manual that is clearly written and easy to follow. The program itself is on a CD which also includes demo versions of other Qfit products such as CVData and CVCX.

Should all else fail, an e-mail to Qfit will result in a prompt response from the developer.

But wait - There's more!

The practice program itself is worth several times the price. However, a bunch of other useful goodies are included.

There is a package of drill programs which allow the user to concentrate on specific areas of card counting. In all, 35 different drills are included, including counting, deck estimation, even back-counting two tables, and much more.

In addition, there are several calculators that allow for figuring off-the-top edge for specific rules, risk of ruin, etc.

New to version 3.0 is CVTest, a series of test drills designed to measure skill at counting and determine areas of weakness.

And there is even more. I have been using Casino Verite for several years, and have been playing with the latest version for a month or so, and I am continually discovering new features and things I did not realize that it could do. If I were to describe every feature, this reveiw would probably be, well, about 120 pages.

Demo Available

There is a downloadable demo version of Casino Verite available at the Qfit website. At 29 MB, this is probably only an option for those with a high speed Internet connection.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Casino Verite is that it retails for only $90. Microsoft Office XP Pro sells for around $400, Adobe Photoshop (full version) goes for nearly $600, specialized graphic software can cost thousands of dollars, yet a card counter can own Casino Verite for less than a single black chip.

In addition, Qfit has one of the most liberal upgrade policies in the software business. Despite the fact that Version 3.0 is a major upgrade, anyone purchasing an earlier version within a year prior to the release of 3.0 got the new version absolutely free. Anyone who has ever purchased any version of Casino Verite may get Version 3.0 for half price ($45).

Sure, there are less expensive "practice programs" available, but as I have attempted to convey in this review, Casino Verite is much, much more than a practice program. Besides, there is a certain pride of ownership that comes with owning a product that is, quite simply, the very best that money can buy, regardless of price.






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