Two types of ads may be purchased on as follows:

Side Bar Ads

  • Side Bar ads appear on the right side of pages that looks like this. That is, a white text area in the center and a green border around the page. They do not appear on the front page.
  • There are about 60 such pages optimized for different Google keywords.
  • The ads will be located above the box that says "Serious Blackjack Software Click Here" and that box will move down to accomodate the ads.
  • Each side bar ad consist of a banner with a maximum size of 125x125 or 125x250 that links to your site in a new window.

Front Page Ad

  • The front page ad consists of a banner with a maximum size of 468x60 or 600x100 that links to your site in a new window.

General Rules

  • Side Bar ads must be static (no animation.) The rollover may be animated. The front page ads may be animated.
  • All ads must be approved in advance.
  • No ads for sites selling gambling systems or incorrect advice.
  • No ads for casinos with a bad history. The ad may be cancelled (with proportional refund) if I hear of a legitimate problem with a casino.
  • Payment is in advance.
  • I am not interested in joining affiliate, CPA or CPC programs.


Three Months
Six Months

Side Bar
(one page) 125x125

Side Bar
(one page) 125x250

Front Page 468x68


Front Page 600x100


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